Expedition to Xen'Drick

Session Two

Session Notes from Session 2

In which supplies and mercenaries are found, a rescue attempt is made and a new ally is gained.

About Town

Having arrived in Stormreach Banks lead the expedition party to the Morgrave University enclave where they met with the Proctor of the Xen’Drick Enclave. Who arranged their remaining supplies and lead them to the Mercenaries who the university had hired at their behest.

A Stalwart Band

Having been directed to the Barracks where the mercenaries were encamped by the Proctor the group entered to find their eleven men lounging in the stupor of the night before. The leader of The Stalwart Band stepped forward and introduced himself as Derryn Ganga a famous half-orc wrestler from Droaam.

An Abduction and a Daring Rescue, Planned (200XP

It was decided that the fastest way to find out where the Sahuagin were lairing was to capture a Sahuagin guide from the docks area and interrogate him. Perrin used his training to capture the Sahuagin and following the interrogation which revealed the camp to be under the coastline west of Shargon’s Teeth he also used that training to silence the guide.

Many discussions were had about how to reach the Cannith heir who had been captured by the Sahuagin on the voyage to Stormreach. Quickly ruling out a waterbreathing ritual for cost and the fact the heir wouldn’t have one and constructing a submersible because of the time involved Haptash and Banks devised a plan for a diving bell using large copper wash pans and bought a small boat to carry them out to the reefs.

Back at the Barracks

Back at the Mercenary Barracks for the evening the group sends out their troops to source the parts they need to complete the construction of the diving bells. They are also served a meal by Bannon one of their mercenaries who was a cook in a previous life. This prompts them to ask if any of the mercenaries have sailing experience and man named Gaius steps forward, his previous life having been spent as a sailor in the Lhazaar Principalities.

To Sea

Having constructed the Diving Bells the team left on the first tide in their new skiff with Gaius at the helm. It didn’t take long for Gaius to make the instructions of the Sahuagin more efficient and using his knowledge of seafaring he shaved a third of the time off the journey.

They arrived at the landmark they had been given in the middle of the day and quickly descended into the deep. Naan’s nature as a Warforged allowed her to sink to the bottom without the need to breathe dragging the diving bells down with her and across into the underground cavern.

Assault on the Barony of Yathlkythyk

Surfacing in a round natural cavern at the head of the waterway Bank’s quickly summon the infamous cloud of poisonous vapor which is as much a danger to his allies as his enemies and sent it ahead of them down the corridor.

Not What We Expected At All… (1250XP)

Rather than the horde of unsuspecting Sahuagin the characters had expected to meet the corridor ended in a sophisticated and well armed set of fortifications preventing passage into the room beyond. Behind these barricades were arrayed a small party of Lizardfolk.

The Lizardfolk were suscepted to the Cloud while the group closed with Ranged attacks and the battle was going well until the back barricade parted to reveal a Poison Eye Basilisk who was completely immune to the cloud who quickly savaged the closest members of the group with his poisonous gaze. Thwarted only by the courage of Naan who entered the cloud to save her friends.

The Shaft (500XP)

The group were feeling cheated by the dead end into which they had stumbled the and agreeing that they were glad that the Sahuagin who sent them here had got what was coming to him when Naan informed them that there was a twenty foot fifty foot long shaft directly above the room. They all looked up and confirmed this.

Presuming that the Baron was up the shaft with his forces it was agreed that Perren, Naan and Derryn would ascend the shaft with Perren assisting their stealth. Their mission would be to collect Merrix d’Cannith and get out of the cavern without being detected.

The climbing was difficult and several close calls were had but eventually all three of them reached the top to be greeted by Baron Yathlkythyk in all his terrible glory.

The Good Baron (1250XP)

Yathlkythyk sat terrible and ferocious at the end of a long chamber on a throne of animal bones, seven feet tall with four arms ending in pincers and a six foot trident. Naan and Perren expressed concerns with the mission but Derryn never having seen the Baron before and not having been present on the Windspear took it as a challenge.

The Charge

Derryn used the element of surprise to charge past all of the Baron’s courtiers up the entire length of the hall and crash into him leading with his hammer in a blow that would have obliterated a lesser creature but the Baron held.

Clean Up

Perren took care of the courtiers from his place in the shadows while Derryn and Naan fought a very close battle to put the Baron down before he could kill them. The last two courtiers tried to escape down the shaft but met the Stinking Cloud of Charles Banks and choked their last.

The Aftermath

With the Baron and his forces defeated the group sailed back to Stormreach with the unconcious form of Merrix d’Cannith carried from the caverns strapped to Derryn’s back inside his diving bell.

The Group reached Stormreach at Nightfall of the same day and took the severely wounded Merrix to the Cannith Enclave where the poster indicated they should seek out the Master Mage Casias.



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