Expedition to Xen'Drick

Session One

Session Notes from Session 1

In which pitches are made to Morgrave University, an expedition is undertaken, sabotage, deception and combat boil over and one of the worlds most important men is kidnapped.

The University

The party met up in the audience hall antechamber at Morgrave University in Sharn, they quickly discovered that their individual applications for funding for their expeditions to Xen’Drick were unlikely to be successful based on the other applicants.

Introducing Charles Banks who the university had already worked with and Haptash Ka-Nala in the role of a visiting academic from far flung Sarlona they combined their two approaches to the expedition they pitched the following;

The exploration of the lost continent of Xen’Drick with the intention of recovering artifacts and knowledge to further the technological and magical development of all Khorvaire through the research of Morgrave University Scholars.

A second point was raised that using the technology which had been created and tested by Charles Banks in his survey of The Eldeen Reaches it might be possible to finally get a reasonably accurate map of Xen’Drick.

This pitch was sucessful and after requesting their supplies for the expedition they were directed to lodgings in Cliffside to await their ship the Windspear which would leave at first tide. 200XP

The party cleaned out the university’s library of all relevant texts on Xen’Drick and then all party members except Charles Banks headed back to their lodging to study. Banks made his way to the red light district and arrived back just in time for their departure.

The Voyage

At the Dock they encountered the other expeditions also leaving from Sharn on the Windspear the teams they could identify were;

A mostly Warforged party with the notable exception of Merrix d’Cannith the current head of House Cannith in Breland and the heir to the house and the Master Mage Casius d’Cannith.

A House Kundarak team who kept mostly to themselves.

Another team who Peren seemed to recognise but refused to share his information with his recently aquired allies.

and finally a Morgrave University Team lead by none other than Cornelius Rutlidge the Arch-Academic-Nemesis of the team leader Charles Banks.

Day Two

The second day out of port the Bank’s Team set about their plan of espionage and raided the cabins of the Rutlidge Team looking for their expedition notes having found that their team was pursuing a legendary creature which was rumored to be laired near Stormreach they returned the original notes and sabotaged miscealeous items in the room. 200XP

They moved quickly from the Rutlidge cabins to the heavily fortified Cannith Team Stateroom where Peren’s ability to turn into a shade allowed him to slip inside an otherwise room past four alert guards to peer at the notes of the Cannith Expedition.

Unable to decipher them he returned to Banks and Haptash who between them discovered what appeared to be the directions to a Creation Forge deep in Xen’Drick’s Jungle. With a skilled hand Haptash quickly forged a copy of the notes with slight modifications which were returned to the cabin and the originals were kept by Banks.

Paranoid about the House Cannith guards beating down his door Peren stole a House Cannith emblem embossed in gold from the Cabin when he returned the notes and secreted it in the cabin shared by Rutlidge’s assistants. 200XP

Day Three

When the characters made their way into the gallery in the morning they learned that Rutlidge’s Assistants had been sent home in as theives having been found in the of a House Cannith emblem. All eyes went to Peren.

The Middle

The middle part of the Voyage was quiet with the party unwilling to push their luck any further and Peren again refusing to investigate the remaining team who he revealed are envoys from House Phiarlan who his own family had rifted from some time ago. The House Kundarak team seemed to spend the majority of the voyage drinking to avoid their sea sickness.

Day Nine

As the Windspear drew closer to Shargon’s Teeth the Captain of the vessel went out to meet with the local Sahuagin Baron to barter for passage through the teeth.

Day Ten

The party was woken by noise on deck and rushing to investigate they found the Cannith party dead or injured and the deck swarming with Sahuagin the largest of which was a towering six armed beast who was holding the limp forms of Merrix d’Cannith and one of his Warforged bodyguards in his hands.

Battle is joined on the deck and Banks summons up a cloud of poisonous gas which rips through his allies as well as the enemies and during this confusion the large Sahuagin escapes over the side. The battle rages on and Peren falls to the combined force of enemy blows and poisonous gas and is saved in the nick of time by Haptash’s healing admixtures.

Eventually the Sahuagin are killed and those attempting to escape are cut down and the group quickly ransacks the Cannith cabin before its occupants regain conciousness or other people come up on deck. 1250XP

Day Eleven

The last day before making port Casias d’Cannith regained conciousness and learning of the previous days events in their full detail he immediately setout a decree which was circulated around the ship and sent forward to Stormreach.



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